Paris Bercy a natural attractive location for events

Event planners first choose their location. It is a priority. Of course, they will also check access roads, public transportation systems, hotels, meeting rooms, quality of the services proposed, the surroundings, etc. But it always comes back to the location, it is the first thing that came into the mind of an event planner: “Where could I host my colleagues, associates, clients? In which country? In which city?”

A human scale neighbourhood

Paris-Bercy brings something new to the table: a neighbourhood atmosphere. What I mean is the feeling that you have when you are doing your daily routine, with all amenities nearby within walking distance, with beautiful natural and cultural monuments around you, and a common and local history that you share with your neighbours… We are at a human scale. It is fully in line with the nature of an event: getting together in a social setting… An event becomes memorable therefore successful because of the core values of its location: in this case the ones of a human scale neighbourhood.

A real village within a capital city

I never heard of a venture such as Paris-Bercy before, it is completely new. Even if such neighborhoods already exist (Brooklyn or Manhattan in New York, Jordaan in Amsterdan, in London), their marketing was much more focus on their shopping offers than anything else. Bercy is for sure the first neighborhood to promote itself as a business destination. Being in the heart of Paris – the first business destination in the world – Paris-Bercy benefits from the full infrastructures of a capital city, but it stays with its originality: a village with its history and its authenticity.

To offer unique experiences

What is the ultimate goal for an event planner? To offer his guest an “out of the ordinary” experience, far away of their day-to-day life. That’s why the location is a crucial key to the success of an event. Due to huge worldwide competition, each venues needs to innovate and be creative. Paris Bercy already has its own identity, with professional services and facilities, a perfect combination to stand out. Therefore, if it bases its development on its core values, Paris-Bercy will become more and more attractive to the event industry.

Fabienne Bouviala
Founder and Associate Director, Les Salons de L’Aveyron
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