Take a seat for a journey through time

Discover the Bercy neighborhood through its centuries of history. An area all about encounters and exchanges as attested by the Neolithic canoes discovered in the 90s. Get on board for a visit full of surprises that will brings you back to the birth of this so well-known place.


Go fora royal treasure hunt<h2>

Close your eyes and visualize this neighbourhood when Royalty was still running the country. At the end of the 17th century, a castle was built following Le Vau’s layouts. Gardens, designed by André Le Nôtre, went up to the Seine and hosted astonishing parties. Now open your eyes, and try to find out the traces of this past. In Bercy Park still lives relics of that time and still luxurious events are hosted.



Go back/to the birth of the wine route

Go towards the Seine to discover this renowned lively neighbourhood. The wine tradition of the heart of our capital will have no more secrets for you. 1704, Louis XIV cut the wine taxes at Bercy. Slowly the city became the larger wine market of the world and inns, cabarets and “guinguettes” started to flourish. So traders, patrons, artists, and young people came to the banks of the Seine for boating and relaxing. 


Return to the golden ageof the industrial revolution<h2>

Let’s stop at Bercy Pavilions and at the Fairground Arts Museum. Perfect examples of the 19th centuries industrial architecture would be the wineries, registered as historic monuments, ant the railways for the wine transit. Furthermore, grindstones walls, arched openings and L’Heureux’s metallic indoor structures (student of Victor Baltard, himself student of Gustave Eiffel) pay tribute to this period.


Imagine/the future

Look in front of you and you will see the new face of Bercy neighborhood. The French film library designed by Frank Gehry, the AccordHotels Arena, François Mitterand library or the Finance Department are icons of modernity. Today, thirteen actors of this neighbourhood bring their forces together under the name of “Destination Paris Bercy” to welcome you in the new events centre of the capital. However, one things has never changed, Bercy’s faculty to host exceptional events within a village where it is always a pleasure to wander around.