Corporate seminar: everything you need to know

It’s a must for B2B events: the corporate seminar. But why is it a must? Its advantages, the different types of seminars, tips to make yours a success... To know everything about this type of event, you’re at the right place!


The corporate seminar is an internal event that brings together employees outside the usual professional environment. It is both a federator and a real driver for innovation. It is essential to the smooth running of a company in order to create a real team cohesion but also to achieve the set objectives. In a context where well-being at work is essential, reinforcing the involvement of your employees by guaranteeing them a sense of belonging is imperative to perpetuate your business.

Organizing this type of event allows you to pass on the right messages and to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction with the same objectives and challenges.


The different types of corporate seminars


Depending on your needs and objectives, there are different types of corporate seminars:

- The training seminar : when you want to introduce a change in your company, it is essential to organize a training seminar to give your teams the keys to adapt well and be operational as soon as possible.

- The integration seminar: it is organized for the arrival of new employees in order to facilitate their integration and make them discover the culture and values of the company.

- Motivation seminar: this type of seminar is designed to motivate employees in order to increase team productivity.

- The work seminar: it brings together people from the same department, the same company and possibly outside people, with the aim of working on a common project, setting objectives and defining the different tasks to be carried out.

- The management seminar: reserved for the company’s directors and senior executives, it allows them to take stock of the company’s situation, analyze the results and define the development strategy.

- The management seminar: this type of seminar allows managers to perfect their managerial techniques and refine their skills.


The keys a successful corporate seminar


Now that you have all the theoretical knowledge, let’s get down to business ! What are the keys to an effective corporate seminar? In order for your seminar to have a positive and beneficial impact, you must carry it out in the right way. Here are 5 steps to follow in order to best prepare your event:

1. Define the objectives                        

This step is necessary and unavoidable before tackling any logistical aspect. What type of corporate seminar, among those we have seen above, do you want to organize? To reach which objectives? The answers to these questions will allow you to organize your project in accordance with your expectations.

2. Determine the needs and constraints      

Once your objectives are set, you can start working on the organization of the event. To do so, you must answer multiple questions:

  • Who and how many participants do you want to invite?

    What date and how many days?

    Is it necessary to plan accommodation?

    What type of catering?

    What is your budget?

    What is the layout of the room? (theater, U, cabaret...)

    Do you have special technical needs?



3. Draw up a reverse schedule                      

A well known but fundamental advice in event planning: think ahead! In order to be comfortable, plan 2 to 3 months to organize your corporate seminar. The reverse schedule, which you can do yourself or by using a software, will allow you to foresee each step of the realization of your project as well as the necessary deadlines in order to avoid bad surprises at the last minute.

4. Plan activities                        

To motivate your guests to participate in your seminar, the choice of activities is a real plus. However, make sure that they are totally consistent with the objective of your seminar and the values of the company. Blind test, olympiads, gastronomic workshop, climbing, rally, karaoke... there are many choices to make your seminar a convivial moment your guests will remember.

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5. Find the perfect place                    

Now that you’ve defined your project, you need to find the ideal venue that will host your event and meet all your expectations.

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Now you have all the keys to organize a successful corporate seminar!

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